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Fic: The Lamb's Expense 1/1, SPN, Wincest, S/D, NC-17

Title: The Lamb's Expense 1/1
Author: TempestQuill/Cassie
Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester/Dean Winchester,
Rating/Warnings: NC-17, Slash, Incest, Gore, Excessive Violence, Bondage, Breath Play, Slight Non-Con
Word Count: 4,539
Spoilers: From the pilot through “All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2”.
Disclaimer: I don't own the boys, but I wouldn't mind renting them on occassion, alas I'm broke, but boys, Kripke, can we negotiate, seriously?
Summary: There lies a roadmap of sin beneath this broken flesh, at the story’s end, begin again. The roads are long and thin, heavy with rust, mistrust, the color of spilled innocence, the wolf wins at the lamb’s expense.
Notes: I've noticed quite a few Evil!Sam fics lately, but I wanted to try something a little different. Now to introduce you to my version of...Evil!Dean. Written for number 11 on my plot20 table, metamorphosis. Beta'd as always by Lissa, so any mistakes... Salt and burn her ass. LOL.

There is a smile on his face as he pulls the knife free from broken flesh. This one put up a hell of a fight. Warm blood spatters in an arc across the pale yellow wall, more blood seeping from the woman’s body, pooling on her pretty comforter and pristine 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets to stain the mattress and drip to the floor.


Hope you enjoyed! Don't forget to feed the muse, she's the one prowling her cage and licking her lips at you. It's best to throw the food rather than try to hand it to her. She's been known to take fingers...
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